Quality of connectit.al

Quality means certainty and long-term benefits for clients.

Quality control

We owe the high quality of our products to, among other factors:

  • Conscientious work at the stage of analysis and system design – from our point of view that is the key stage if the final system is to fulfill all the client’s requirements,
  • The two-stage process of testing the developed systems (functional and load testing),
  • Careful separation of testing personnel from system developers,
  • The assurance of the continuance of work (main developer and backup for every task),
  • Reliable documentation of all stages of the project (analysis and design, building, testing, implementation, production problems),
  • Strict adherence to the schedule,
  • The constant monitoring of the course of design works (reports on meetings and on the progress of the works),
  • The creation of a generally accessible “knowledge base” containing information about the problems in the systems.