Procedures of CONNECTIT.AL

Optimal security practices ensure the comfort of cooperation.

Safe data retention and official secrecy

All information obtained in the client-company relationships is treated as confidential or secret if the person authorized by the client or a direct supervisor has informed us about the confidentiality or secrecy of a given piece of information (a document).

All information in the form of electronic documents, which has been defined by the client or by the project manager as confidential is encrypted, secured with a password, and stored in that manner on data storage devices.

Secret or confidential documents in written or graphic form are stored in places dedicated to that purpose, with no access for third parties. After the completion of the project they are destroyed or secured in an archive.

Every member of the ConnectIT team signs a statement in which the security procedures are defined, and abides by them strictly. Each member of the team also signs a confidentiality agreement.